Corporate identity

Corporate identity

Corporate Identity Studies and Advantages

Corporate identity is the face of a firm reflected on the outside. As GERCEK AJANS, we are happy to be with you in determining the colors and patterns that you need in this process and that reflect your company exactly.

Corporate identity is the visible face of the company in the internal and external world. Corporate identities eliminate identity chaos that may arise in companies. At the same time, a well-designed corporate identity enables companies to gain prestige in the eyes of the customers or target audience and increase the prestige of the companies. In addition, when these identities, which are created in an effective and memorable way, are adopted by the companies, they increase the trust in the companies in the eyes of the customers and enable the companies to have more places in their minds.

Corporate Identity Elements

There are many elements of corporate identity. If you need to briefly mention them; products produced by the company and the packaging of these products, the environment in which the firms are located, such as buildings, offices or construction sites, signs and other guiding tools of the companies, exhibitions organized by the firms, foyers, fairs, letterheads, envelopes used by the firms inside and outside the company. , files, business cards belonging to company personnel, as well as invoices and delivery notes issued on behalf of the company, letters of collection, certificates issued by firms, corporate publications and reports issued by firms, catalogs, advertisements or brochures of firms, if any promotional items such as calendars and notepads are some of the elements that form the corporate identity of the company.

Of course, in addition to this, the websites of the companies or different digital promotion methods are also included in the work of corporate identity.

The concept of corporate identity, as seen, deals with the image of a company in all areas. For this reason, it is the most important advertising tool of the company and should be worked with experts, no details should be skipped because the basic principle that is indispensable and indispensable when creating corporate identity is not to omit any details or data belonging to the institution.

The first goal of corporate identity work should be to maximize the company's persistence. Because brand awareness is one of the most difficult earned spiritual values ​​of trade. Get our professional corporate identity service to increase your brand recognition. In this way, we can make your website suitable for your corporate identity.

Corporate identity When the work is completed, all the materials used in corporate identity (font, etc.) and all graphic design works will be delivered to you both in print and computer environment. In this way, you will have the right to make the next printing and design works with the agency you want.

There are very important issues to be considered while conducting corporate identity work. The most important of these issues is the area in which the company operates. As an example, while preparing a logo for a shopping site, the results of a research conducted in America, where the logos with blue colors give more confidence in shopping. The team that will make corporate identity planning needs to know these details very well.

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