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Social Media Management and Advantages

Social media has become one of the most important dimensions of the marketing campaigns of today's businesses. By creating a personal profile, a company can connect and interact with its target audience in a new way. As GERCEK AJANS, we can create your pages on social media platforms which will be determined according to your company's needs and share your content or announcements regularly and reach your target audience.


1. Why do I need social media?
2. Who is my target audience?
3. What do I want to tell them?
4. How am I gonna tell them?
5. What content will I create?
6. How often will I post content?
7. Which social media sites will I use?
8. What tools will I use to measure my success?
9. Who will be responsible for social networks?

When you answer these questions, you are ready to realize your plan. Join social networks, be careful with your content and stay organized. To this end, you may schedule your content to be available at specific times and in specific locations. Don't forget to include your photo or logo.

social media management

Creating Attractive Content for Social Media

If you want to rank high on Google, Yahoo !, Bing and other search engines, you should now have strong social signals. Powerful social signals increase your ranking on the search engine results page, increase your traffic values, offer strong interactions and high conversion rates.

Strong social signals are important for your brand's strength, reliability and authority. In fact, it helps you in fulfilling all the tasks of marketing functions.

  • Get to know the audience
  • Define the right type and time
  • Be consistent
  • Interact through employees

Remember, there is a link between the level of activity and interaction of social profiles. However, if you fill your page with inappropriate content, you will miss the possible traffic yourself. The secret of success in social media is to be regular and appropriate.

How many visitors do you get from social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+? Which of these channels brings you more visitors? You should identify them and improve your social media access efforts based on the data you obtain.

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