Why is my website opening slowly?

Why is my website opening slowly?

If your website is not in Google rankingsOne of the first things you need to check is the speed of your site. To improve the user experience, Google penalizes sites that are not loaded in less than 3 seconds.

Why the website is running slow ' ?

Keep in mind that you should test your website for both desktop and mobile devices. Google's Mobile Index is set to be the primary search index, so mobile takes precedence. Avoid using pop-ups or videos that may slow the upload process.

Tools for measuring the speed of your website

We offer five free tools to help you determine the speed of your site. Each provides different information on how you can improve performance. I hope they can help you answer the question neden Why is my website running slow??

Website Speed ​​Test

To find out how long it takes to load your site, Take the Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test . The analysis is free and you don't need to register your site to get your results.

The tools show the load time of your URL and compare with other users submitted over time. In addition to raw numbers, this test returns details on how you can reduce your load time. You will need to make changes to your cache or make changes to your scripts. Your web developer can help you follow these suggestions to prevent your website from running slowly.

PageSpeed ​​Insights Is a tool similar to Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test. Evaluates the rate optimization you currently have. Knowing what works is usually as valuable as knowing what isn't. You also know that if both websites return the same priorities as a top priority, they are the fields you need to address.

How to Speed ​​Up Your WordPress Site

If the most important question in your mind is 'why my website is running slow' and you have a WordPress site, Use the WPEngine Speed ​​Tool .

WPEngine Speed ​​Tool not only tests the time it takes to load your URL, but also explains how to troubleshoot certain types of problems. For the person who has a little knowledge about web development, this tool can step you through various repairs you can do to increase the speed of your WordPress website.

The level of detail provided by WPEngine Speed ​​Tool eliminates the fact that you need to register your site to get your analysis. Although they require registration, the test itself is free of charge.

Web Site Performance Testing Although it is not unique to WordPress sites, it gives you all kinds of data about the performance of your website. Both Performance Review and Content Dump provide valuable information about performance and the ways you can improve your customer experience. Remember, the user experience plays a significant part of where Google places your site in search results.

What to do if your website is running slowly?

Each of the tools mentioned above tells you how to increase the loading speed. However, what do you do to solve the problems? If you have some knowledge of web development, you can make the changes yourself. If you don't have the time or skills to deal with installation issues, we'll be happy to help you. Consider the challenges of speeding up your website and resolving upload issues. You should never wonder again why my website is running slow.

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